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Industry players from

  • Finance and mortgage
  • Manufacturers
  • Construction suppliers

Discover a wide array of exhibitors that provide you with tailor made products of guaranteed quality, new products and trends from leading industry players and innovative products pioneering the change towards affordable sustainability.

Learn the best value for money options showcased in the Afrika Homes & construction expo to get you one step closer in your home ownership journey.


Industry players from

  • Property developers
  • Property valuers
  • Construction consultants
  • Contractors

Discover experienced construction experts from across the country with extensive track records in project delivery. New and modern construction practices and technologies shaping the future of the built environment.

Learn innovative and sustainable solutions being adopted by developers, contractors and home owners in construction. To integrate these new practices and technologies in your construction journey. The best value for money practices, technologies and builders that cater to your construction needs.


Industry players from

  • Insurance providers
  • Interiors & Home décor specialists
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Movers
  • Hospitality

Discover seasoned market leaders committed to providing solutions for all lifestyle requirements. Professionals aligned with your vision for a wholesome living experience. A whole host of experts keen on provide bespoke expertise to suit your unique needs.

Learn emerging lifestyle trends in the market and how the industry has responded to the pandemic on matters of livability and habitation of buildings.


Industry players from

  • Attendees
  • Exhibitors

 Making the right contacts is vital to development. Due to the convenience and scope that social media offers, businesses often never meet their clients is person.

Learn that investing some time and effort into interacting with others can aid in establishing long lasting relationships and obtaining exciting opportunities.

Expo Outcomes Learn new things and connect people

A platform that converges real estate stakeholders with potential and existing home owners under one roof to explore real estate deals, gain insights and pursue worthy investments. This is a perfect opportunity to network with the right professional contacts and build relationships that will expand your brand.

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